South Africa - Sunrise over the bulge of Africa (Dakar Senegal)

Someone once said a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. For me it took a big birthday to walk out into life and begin to find myself. Seventeen hours in a plane with friends and strangers is a great place to start.

There is a saying in Africa that a person is a person through other persons. In Marcus Samuelsson's "Discovery of a Continent" Archbishop Desmond Tutu goes on to say that "a solitary human being is a contradiction in terms. We are made for togetherness, for friendship, for fellowship. We are created to live in a delicate network of interdependence and we are different precisely in order to know our need of one another. Diversity, difference, is the essence of who we are."

I'm writing this introduction to my African journey long after I've returned home. Here I want to thank my new friends for the love and togetherness that I will come to experience over the next couple of weeks. - Stephen

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