Passionate People - Studio Tour of Sculptor Joël Urruty

A few weeks ago I attended a Hickory Museum of Art reception for sculptor Joël Urruty. My personal collection of original art is modest and is comprised primarily of paintings and clay and glass vessels. Although I've been captivated by some sculpture in museum collections, I've never felt a personal connection with this art form until that evening reception. I began to wonder if the crowd around me would notice if I reached out to trace with my finger the grain in the mahogany of one of the reclining figures. Another 2-dimensional wall hanging reminded me of a Rothko-inspired mural that I commissioned when I moved into an urban loft a few years ago. Again, I was tempted to feel the wood grain that in this piece appeared to be a calm, shimmering sea under the light of a full moon.

Last weekend, Hickory Museum of Art co-hosted with Joël tours of his working studio. I planned to come away from the tour with some interesting shots of a cool artist at work and perhaps meet a new friend or two. Well, I came home with much more than great photos and an inspiring visit. Now, any time I choose, I can trace the grain of the mahogany with a smile knowing that I don't have to look over my shoulder.

Joël begins his tour.

Studio Tour

The Abstract Figurative Form

Joël Urruty with a clay model and his working sketches.

Two pieces in process.

How the more cool sculptors get to the office:

See more of Joël's creations at

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