Passionate Paris - Croque Monsieur and iced coffee at Le Bonaparte, Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Strolling a fashionable city like Paris while feeling hungry can be as intimidating as having a blind date on a bad hair day. "Where do I go? What if I can't read the menu? Those waiters aren't smiling. Is it rude to say 'Garçon?"
I soon learn the secret to fitting in most any place: observe the locals, follow suit, relax. Noticing a café that appeared popular but not too crowded, I took a seat. I ordered one item I know well (iced coffee) and one that has become a new favorite (croque monsieur or grilled ham and cheese sandwich).
As in all cafés, my simple order entitled me to savor my meal and sit for as long as I wished to read, sketch, or simply daydream. And oui, it is indeed rude to address a waiter as "garçon" (boy). But "pardon", "merci", and "s'il vous plaît" work anywhere - even on a blind date.

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