Passionate Paris - Jardin du Luxembourg

What do we look for in public places? And what do we take away?
A senatorial palace may be the focal point of Luxembourg Gardens - commissioned by Marie de Medicis to remind her of her native Italy - but I'm finding that the true pleasures of life here are smaller and more intimate. On this morning, I zoom in and leave the grand structures behind. It would be easy to photograph a majestic building, centered perfectly in the shot. Or, ask a stranger to take another of the dozens of photos that we've all seen - stand beside a statue and say "cheesy".
But no one seems to mind or even notice, when I step in close to capture for my journal, fellow artists with their easels, chess players and children, students with their laptops, a pair of passing backpackers.
It is these intimate moments, along with a stranger's smile or nod, that will later remind me of the pleasures of Paris.

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