Passionate People - Hanging Out With Rachel Saunders, Founder of Blue Chair Fruit Company

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Rachel Saunders started Blue Chair Fruit Company in 2008 because of her passion for true artisinal jams and marmalades. I had read about Rachel in the Bay Area media and thought she might be a great addition to my upcoming "Passionate People & Places of the Bay Area." Rachel welcomed me to her Oakland, CA commercial kitchen where I had a great time learning (and stirring) what goes into making her sought-after creations.
A few days later, I stopped by Rachel's home and hung out with her and dog Larry. Enjoy the clip and get your own Blue Chair Fruit here.

What's especially interesting about this recent visit to the Bay Area is, by coincidence I happened to hang out with 2 of the 3 James Beard Foundation Book Awards' 2011 nominees for cookbook photography. One is Rachel's "The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook." The other is "Tartine Bread" photographed by Eric Wolfinger who is based in San Francisco. This is the most beautiful baking book I have seen, and as I told Eric, it's the only one I had to own the first time I saw it. See Eric in action here. If you need food photographed, he's the one to contact. But, be prepared to stand in line behind his latest clients which include Williams Sonoma. Yes, he's that good. Congratulations Rachel and Eric on your nominations. - Stephen

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