The Beginning of an Extraordinary Journey of Passionate People & Places

What started as an idea on a cross-country flight a few years ago - and has been fine-tuned from the southern US to Europe and Africa and back - is now a week or so away from delivery to your mailbox and coffee table.

The leather-bound first edition of Passionate New Orleans will ship by the middle of December.
For those who purchased through Kickstarter, please be on the lookout next week for an email confirming your postal address and other contact information. Even if you believe I have your info, please take a moment to respond to the email to ensure your book(s) are sent to the proper location.

Last week, after final edits, the book file was handed over to the printer. They should be coming off the press in a couple of days. Melissa and I delivered the (heavy) leather hides to my new friends, Stanley and his team, at Fabric Services of Hickory NC where they will be cut and branded. Then, we're throwing a pizza and beer party with friends for the final assembly, sewing, and packaging. (If you'd like to join us, Santa's elf costumes are optional but guarantee a better beer selection)

The Making of a Leather First Edition:

Steel die for leather covers.

Dexter and Stanley trim excess from one of the hides.

Dexter prepares the die for cutting the covers.

Precision cutting of the hide.

Leather book cover is now ready for branding.

Stanley, Helen, and Melissa discuss placement of the New Orleans brand.

Branding Plate.

Measuring original hand-cut sample cover. (Stephen's Hemingway edition :)

The HOT branding machine.

New Orleans is heating up.

Final Step: Dexter brands the leather covers.

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