Saturday, June 16, 2012

- Hats, Bow Ties, and Dapper Dandies - What a Great Way to Wind Down the Work Week

Goorin Brothers - Bold Hatmakers, based in San Francisco just opened their second New Orleans location on Magazine Street. These folks make beautiful hats for men, women, and children AND they know how to throw a party. Last night's opening featured the traditional jazz sounds of the Dapper Dandies.

(3rd photo below)Benjamin Azevedo is sporting one of his company's handcrafted New Orleans Bow Ties. Check out and see them in-person down the street at Vernon, 2049 Magazine Street.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ernie Vincent & The Top Notes at Ogden After Hours, New Orleans

Two years ago, a visit to New Orleans culminated with a performance by Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes at John Blancher's Rock 'n' Bowl. In "Passionate New Orleans", my first book on the lives of locals in love with their town, I wrote, "For many reasons I've fallen for New Orleans. But this has to be the single-best example of what makes this city unlike any other in the world: - a Funk 'n' Blues band - a darn good funknblues band - in a bowling alley - on a Thursday night! And the scene is at least this good all over town EVERY night."
This was my introduction to Ernie Vincent and his band of musicians, "the Top Notes"
I went on to say, "If you're planning a long weekend in New Orleans, be sure to arrive on a Thursday and make your way to Rock 'n' Bowl. Do whatever you have to do to get there. It will start your visit off right." Now, two years later I learned one of my favorite local bands would be performing at The Ogden Museum for the regular Thursday evening Ogden After Hours. Ernie looks somewhat more trim and sounds great and his team of young musicians have matured and refined their styles significantly since I last heard them. Thank you guys (and Ogden's Libra Lagrone) for a great evening - Stephen

(video clip - 4 minutes of Funk n Blues loving - please pardon the shaky camera work - I was trying to capture everything from the front row with a not-so-wide angle lens :)

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Enjoying Art & Meeting New Friends - on Magazine Street & at New Orleans Art District

First Saturdays in New Orleans is a great time to meet new and old friends while enjoying art uptown. Check out & enjoy and feel free to share these photos. - Stephen

Arthur Roger Gallery is featuring the work of Jesus Moroles and Ersy.

See the work of Jose-Maria Cundin at Callan Contemporary Gallery.
Visit the gallery here. 

d.o.c.s. gallery is showing the group exhibit, "So Much Art, So Little Time."
Visit d.o.c.s. here

The Foundation Gallery is showcasing the paintings of Joan Berg Victor.

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery is currently exhibiting Thorton Dial's "Works on Paper" and Sandy Chism's "In the Trying"
Visit Jonathan Ferrara here

LeMieux Galleries' group show, curated by Christy Wood, is "Man, Myth, Monster"
Visit LeMieux Galleries here


Myesha Francis would love to introduce you to her current featured artist, Sharika Mahdi.
Visit MFrancis Gallery here

Soren Christensen Gallery is showing the work of artists Gretchen Weller Howard and Michael Marlowe (pictured below with his collection, "Traveling")

Patrons enjoyed art and libations at Steve Martin's eponymous fine art gallery.
Visit Steve Martin Fine Art here

Niala Howard and friends showcased their more personal art on the faces of gallery patrons.
Visit Magnolia Makeup here

On Magazine Street, Leslie Guthrie is welcoming patrons of contemporary art to see the new work of multiple artists.
Visit Guthrie Contemporary Gallery here

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Friday, June 1, 2012

New Orleans - An Evening at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art

One of the best culture and entertainment bargains in New Orleans is Thursday evenings at Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Ogden After Hours begins at 5:30pm with local musicians performing from 6-8pm. Since becoming a member with guest privileges of The Ogden, I have found it hard to resist the combination of an architecturally stunning space, powerful exhibitions, and on Thursday evenings, great local bands along with Miss Linda's Soul Food Catering and a cash bar.

But on Thursday, May 31 I was blown away by the captivating performance of "Kelcy Mae" and her band. Most After Hours I can be found enjoying a conversation with a new friend on the rooftop deck or checking out the exhibits while enjoying the live performance in the background. Not so this time. I found myself drawn to the front row within a few feet of this beautiful group of musicians.

Check out the video clips and look for me at The Ogden most Thursdays from 6-8pm. - Stephen
More about KelcyMae.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stumbling Upon and Joining a Traditional New Orleans Jazz Funeral

On Saturday mornings my gym opens later than most days. This gives me a great excuse to head out early with my camera to explore my amazing town. After just a few months of being an official New Orleanian, I experienced my first jazz funeral. In life, and in celebration of life, my new neighbors vividly demonstrate their love for each other.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Loving Life & Art on Lower Magazine Street

A few months ago I was referred to the owners of a cool new shop in the lower Garden District of New Orleans. John Grafe and Jason Horton needed interior photography of their new shop and Jason's paintings for the upcoming issue of Art New Orleans Magazine. When I walked in and took a look around I was astounded by the beauty of the store. I've since described it as "what I imagine Michael Bublé's apartment to look like. Or think of spending a full day exploring at a Paris flea market and coming away with that one amazing objet. Well, Appartique (Apparel, Art, & Antiques) at 2032 Magazine Street is one shop that's full of nothing but those rare finds. To say it is well-curated is an understatement. With John's eye for objects, furnishings, and gentlemen's clothing and Jason's bold paintings, browsing Appartique is like strolling the City of Light without leaving the Big Easy. 

Thursday, May 3 Appartique hosted with Art New Orleans Magazine the publication's spring 2012 issue release party featuring "Hide and Seek", the new collection of paintings by Jason Horton.

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Painting by Jason Horton

Jason with 2 fans of his art.

A moment from "Midnight in Paris"

MORE PHOTOS from the evening HERE.

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More Fun on Lower Magazine Street

And just down the street, Vernon celebrated the evening with a trunk show featuring Wildlife Reserve and STAY jewelry.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meet Mark Rosenbaum at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2012

I just got in from a shoot with Mark Rosenbaum at his Rosetree Blown Glass studio. Mark and his wife Brenda will be exhibiting and selling their studio's art glass at this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
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One of this year's Jazz Fest creations honors the continuing legacy
of second line parades and Mardi Gras Indians.

(From my book, "Passionate New Orleans")
"Here’s what can happen in a Passionate Place™ when we are open to serendipity. Algiers Point is an enclave just across the Mississippi River from downtown New Orleans. A 10-minute (free for pedestrians) ferry ride from the base of Canal Street will drop you off in the village-like community. I had heard about this special place and went over to check it out. Just before leaving I happened to turn around and saw what I thought was a mirage - in a residential neighborhood an art glassblowing studio and gallery! Well, this was too interesting to pass up so I walked over and within minutes made yet another likely friend for life.

Mark Rosenbaum welcomed me to the studio and, before long, we were planning the day I would hang out with him and his wife, Brenda. Mark wasted no time in making some phone calls and planning a full day of sharing “their” New Orleans with me."

Use your mouse to "Walk Around Inside" Rosetree Gallery.

Virtual tour photography by

Check out this video I shot recently and watch Mark transform a glob of molten glass into a work of art.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Kate Beck at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2012

Just over a year ago I was researching my book, "Passionate New Orleans" and was introduced to artist and designer, Kate Beck who has become a dear friend. From her historic Marigny neighborhood home and atelier, Kate fashions her distinctive handmade garments for a clientele from Seattle to Madrid and beyond. We had a lot of fun with Kate's friend Debbie during this photo shoot last week.

You can meet (and shop with) Kate while enjoying this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival

The annual 5-day Tennessee Williams / New Orleans Literary Festival takes place in late March. Events are held in the French Quarter, "spiritual home" to Williams for many years and the setting of two of his major plays, "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Vieux Carré."
Festival attendees participate in writing workshops, panel discussions, documentary screenings, stage and jazz performances and other special events and parties.

Dr. Kenneth Holditch, Tennessee Williams scholar addresses walking tour attendees on the playwrite's New Orleans legacy.

Tennessee Williams Heritage Walking Tour

The Book Doctors, Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry shared
with festival attendees great advice on going from dream to publication.
Check them out at The Book Doctors

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Hear a Symphony and I See a Family

Yesterday, after working inside most of the weekend, I needed a change of scenery - new space and definitely new neighborhood. So I drove to the other side of town to hang out with my friends Joann and Lisa at Kajun's Pub on St. Claude (for the non-locals, it's St. Claude Avenue between the Quarter and the Lower Ninth - definitely one of the city's more colorful neighborhoods)
While circling the block to find a parking space I noticed that Kajun's was more festive than usual - and that's saying a lot. Moments later I walked in and was welcomed by Blues music, birthday balloons and the aroma of perfectly charbroiled oysters.
It didn't take me long to remember why I like this place so much. Joann and Lisa have (please pardon the cliché) created the neighborhood "Cheers" pub - a place where they truly know your name - and your favorite big boy drink - and who you went home with last night (even if his or her name alludes you at the moment)
And, if things get rowdy, as I'm told sometimes happens long after I've headed home, a member of the staff - often young, female, and delicate in appearance only - will literally bounce the offender out to the curb - and the party resumes without noticeable interruption.

Here's what happened:
After plenty of hugs, I was treated to a drink
Then came the offer of "so, would you rather have the ersters or the shrimp?" My reply - "yes, please." So much for thinking dinner was going to be the Clif Bar I had before heading over.
Guitar Lightning Lee and his friends hit the stage with three distinct styles of Blues.
And there was birthday cake for everyone.

I wound the evening down reconnecting with Lightning. (I don't say that every day :)
It's been a while since I shot his performance at the Ogden Museum and included the photos and videos in my book on the city.

Enjoy the clips and check out Kajun's. They're always open and next time they'll know your name.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2nd Saturday Art Walk - St. Claude Arts District

723 Louisa Street Digest

Antenna Gallery

Aquarium Gallery

Bon Castor

Christopher Porché West

Outside Maurepas Foods

Staple Goods

"Lit From Within"

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